Our Workforce

A Better Start Southend represents a once-in-a-lifetime chance to transform services for babies and young children.

We know everyone who works with young children, their families, and expectant parents wants to play a part in offering them the very best support through the early years. That’s why we want to work with everyone – paid staff and volunteers, those who work with children and their families every day, and those who come into contact with them in other ways – so we can do things differently, together.

We want to help more people develop the skills to work with children and families, including recruiting a new volunteer workforce, so that we can create new ways of working at a time when resources are limited.

Our success will rely on our ability to link different parts of existing systems together, form new relationships and bring parents and carers into each part of the service design process. Southend already has a proud history in this area. A Better Start gives us a chance to develop how we work, expand the workforce and use the skills and talents which already exist in our communities.

Throughout, we’ll also maintain a focus on fostering innovation, and seizing the opportunities presented to us by the very latest developments in technology.

It’s an exciting time to be working in Southend. We’re looking forward to sharing it with you.